Finer Virtues for the best Instragram Linking

It’s no secret that Instagram allows the user to place in the profile only one active link. These are the realities of today.For those who do not agree to put up with this state of affairs and wants to be able to “send” visitors to their profile in two or more directions, this article is written, in which we will solve the problem of adding several links to Instagram profile.

This service, in addition to the possibility of placing in the profile an unlimited number of links, provides absolutely free of charge the ability to track clicks on each link and select a menu theme with links.

In addition, there is also a PRO-version of this service, which in addition to the above, allows you to fully adjust the color and style of the buttons, allows you to change the name of the link, and also redirect visitors to Facebook and Instagram by adding a pixel to facebook.s you Add multiple links in Instagram you get the very best options now.

Get down to business

How to add multiple links to your Instagram profile?

Previously, on the device on which you will perform manipulations on adding several links to Instagram, you need to log in to your account of this social network.

Logged in – well done!

Go to the website and in order to authenticate click any of the specified buttons:

This article will tell you about 3 services that allow you to increase the number of active links on Instagram.

Instagram links: 5 to 1

It is a simple service that allows you to add multiple links to your one active one. 5 in 1, in short. You can create a custom link for instagram to include in your profile, and when you click on it, a few more pop up.

For example, a link to your email, product catalog, blog, VK, etc.The service allows you to use up to 5 active links in this way.

But your profile link is fixed and displayed in the Instagram description in the free version. The free version also includes an unlimited number of links (which can be created), reports on the number of clicks on each link, and three topics.

The paid version of osts $ 6 per month and includes a traffic report from links, sharing, buttons and styles, a title, the ability to make links on a schedule, as well as add Facebook audience.

Instagram links: how to manage customer accounts

If you have one account on Instagram, then  you will not notice much difference between link.

With the free version, you get an unlimited number of links, but not a branded, but a random URL, as is the case.

Instagram links to your posts

Free for 30 days only. After that, the service will cost $ 9.99 per month and include a special landing page assigned to your Instagram profile and image.

To try a free trial, click Start Free Trial. Sign in to Instagram and log in. Then enter the email address you want to use for Link in Profile.